Pilla and ZEISS have engineered a brand new lens technology called PILLA PROGRESSIVE. This new technology uses variable color filtration to effectively manage both light and color providing enhanced depth of field.

No other shooting glass technology provides more sight picture than the Outlaw X Series. The Outlaw X7 differs from the Outlaw X6 in that the X7 has more wrap and has a smaller temple to temple measurement. The visual field is completely unobstructed as there is no front frame.

The Outlaw X7 incorporates our unique patented counter balancing temple geometry to reduce all felt weight on the bridge of the nose. The temple arms are intentionally designed to wrap the head and use a tip that is shaped like a fork. We have increased the standard temple length by 6mm to create this special geometry. 

Each kit comes with 1 frame + 4 PILLA Progressive lenses.

Outlaw X7 Progressive 4 Lens Kit

Progressive Lens Color
Progressive Lens Color
Progressive Lens Color
Progressive Lens Color
Frame Color

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